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5 Pinners We Love to Follow

Pinners to Follow | The Fresh Exchange

To kick you into the weekend, we are pulling together 5 pinners we love to follow. Each one of these accounts is one we draw inspiration from and have really enjoyed having show up in our feed when we spend a few hours pinning. We would also love to hear who are some of your favorites! We are always looking for new people to follow so let’s hear ’em in the comments below. Julia Kostreva:…

Self-Care for Valentine’s with Huckberry

Self-Care for Valentine's Day with Huckberry | The Fresh Exchange

When you think about Valentine’s Day, we all think chocolates, flowers, and sweets. However, with valentines Day also being Mike’s birthday, we have always been non-traditional. Sure flowers make a girls day, even on her husbands birthday… but I knew what I was signing up for with this guy.¬†This year not only is Valentines Day Mike’s 30th birthday, I might be in labor or day away from labor. So with the new changes coming our…

More Than Ordinary: Natural Deodorants

More Than Ordinary: Natural Deodorants | The Fresh Exchange

image via CM Studio Over the last couple of years, we have slowly been replacing our traditional body care products with as many all natural products as possible. Deodorant has probably been the most difficult skin care product to go natural with. We aren’t ready to go completely without deodorant yet, that is still too natural for us. However, we have slowly been trying and testing a lot of different deodorants as we run out….

Blogging Advice: Writing Without Fear

Write without Fear | The Fresh Exchange

Without a doubt there are many posts on the blog that I can say were absolutely frightening to publish. When I began the blog on my own I would freely write whatever I wanted. It wasn’t a thought. When I realized people were reading, I became aware of there being an expectation to what was being shared. It also made me tighten the reigns on what was published in terms of airing my heart and…

Monday Words: The Well-Beaten Path

Monday Words: The Well-Beaten Path | The Fresh Exchange

A few weeks back I read this article called Your Life is Too Valuable to Live Like Everyone Else¬†from The Minamalists and they referenced this quote in the beginning of the post. The post is great and it was such a good reminder of how when everyone else seems to be going one direction it doesn’t always mean it is the right direction. It is hard isn’t easy charting your own path, but it is…

What is Inspiring Us Right Now

What is Inspiring Us | The Fresh Exchange

Image via: Michael Brezinsky This week we have been busy with a lot of prep for taking time off when our little guy shows up on the scene. We have slowed down fully on client work other than 1-2 projects that will either be complete prior to his arrival or will be maintained after a short break by Mike. Currently, Mike is putting the final touches on an updated site for TFE that takes into…

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