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Master Bedroom Story with BEHR

A Finished Master Bedroom with BEHR | The Fresh Exchange

I love completing a project. It’s probably one of the reasons I ventured out to be my own boss. Completion isn’t a problem. I love how it feels when I send a project off and check it off the list. When we purchased a home, we were excited about the process of making it our own with all sorts of projects. We had never had a space to make entirely our own, so it was…

How To Make: Pour Over Coffee

How to Make: Pourover Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

For years I have loved coffee, and have even taught a hand full of people how to grind and brew their own coffee, but I have never posted a how to brew guide. My reason being there are just so many excellent technical brewing guides online: One Village Coffee, Stumptown Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, Counter Culture. However, I like many of you, was a bit overwhelmed by the numerous brewing options and just ended up asking around…

More than Ordinary: Cleaning Tools

More than Ordinary: Cleaning Tools | The Fresh Exchange

Since moving everything into the studio, I have been on the hunt for cleaning tools. I was feeling differently about the items we planned to place in the studio for cleaning over the ones we have in our home. In our home, I purchase tools for the job, but in our studio I felt it is the perfect space to choose a few items that are practical but don’t need to stand up to everyday cleaning….

Fresh Tunes 01

Fresh Tunes 01 | The Fresh Exchange

I am always on the hunt for the new. New sounds. New ideas. New art. New styles. I find the new things exciting and inspiring. It is a lot of fun to use my days listening to music while working. Finding new and exciting tracks or albums brings new energy to our days. So, I thought I would share just a few of our favorite discoveries with you to get you through your hump day….


Decluttering | The Fresh Exchange

Just like with any trip we take, we begin with a light load that we carry. We board the plane ready for an adventure. We have the goal to start new, begin new, and experience all we have been anticipating and dreaming of. We arrive, jump off the plane and there we find ourselves immediately confused, excited, and slightly lost but we toss it up to being somewhere new. We find our place, drop our…

Cotton for the Everyday

Cotton for the Everyday | The Fresh Exchange

Have you ever taken inventory of your favorite items in your closet? Have you ever looked to see what you seem to pull continually every day and ask why? Mike and I are both creatures of habit. We love it when comfort, great design, and simplicity all come together in our wardrobe. Each season we do a small purge of things we aren’t wearing any longer or have worn out. Recently, I have been noticing…

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