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Loving Now: Chipper Things

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

One of our favorite parts of the creative community are all the cool people we have gotten to meet over the years. We have loved going to conferences and meeting creatives of all types, paths, and with all sorts of passions. Typically these people end up starting and doing some really amazing things and these things typically come out of some serious passion and love for their work. Today, we wanted to share about one Chipper…

Traveling with a Baby

Our Tips for Traveling with a baby under 6 months | The Fresh Exchange

Traveling with a baby is something that when we found out we were having a baby we knew we would be conquering. We knew travel would forever look different, even with pregnancy it was different, but traveling with a baby is an all new adventure. Traveling with a baby is a new journey we are willing to embrace not just for ourselves, but for him as well. We strongly feel that travel helps to build…

An Outdoor Revamp with At Home: The Final Look

An Outdoor Revamp with At Home : The Final Look | The Fresh Exchange

We have been so excited to share this final look of our outdoor space collaboration with At Home. It was so much fun to pull this space together using items from At Home and favorite items we already had around the house and in the space. It has been exactly the kind of space we were hoping to create on our back deck and At Home made it simple to accomplish. Here are some tips…

Monday Words: Choose to Live

Monday Words: Choose to Live | The Fresh Exchange

If there is one thing in life we have it is choice. No matter where you find yourself. No matter the good or the bad. There is always a choice. Whether a choice of perception. Whether choice of direction. Whether choice of words. We always have a choice. Sometimes we make a choice without thinking twice about it. Sometimes we make a choice and quickly regret it. Sometimes we make a choice and couldn’t be…

Out and About with Nuna

Out and About with Nuna | The Fresh Exchange

If there was one item on our list when becoming parents that left us so confused and perplexed about, it was the stroller. I remember spending evenings researching all the options on the market and weighing what worked for us from style, function, quality, and price. We knew the most important things for us was style and quality, but function and price were second on that list, but still important. So as we did the…

Loving Now: Wilson & Willy’s SS16

Loving Now: Wilson & Willy's SS16 | The Fresh Exchange

We have been big fans of Wilson & Willy’s for a while. They are a Minnesota based store that is focused on curating thoughtfully made products for women, men, and the home. Every season they partner with manufacturers who are creating with purpose. They will then carry these lines made in limited runs. Some of the brands you may know they work with are Hackwith Design House, Polka Dot Kids, Appointed, Faribault Wool, Garza Marfa,…

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