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Monday Words: A Gift

Monday Words: A Gift - Elle Luna | The Fresh Exchange

I wanted to kick off the week with some good vibes and thoughts. A few years ago The Great Discontent interviewed Elle Luna. You may know of her or at least her very popular #The100DayProject, but when they did this interview with Elle she was just beginning a major shift in her life. This interview is still one of my favorites from The Great Discontent, which is my favorite magazine these days. The interview is…

Making A Summer Bucket List

Making A Summer Bucket List | The Fresh Exchange

  The key to a great summer season is based on a few things. These things usually consist of sunshine, bathing suits, good friends, some family time, a barbecue, and long days ending in bonfires. The one thing about these magical days is they quickly pass with all their fun, events, plans, and sleepy days in the sun. Last year we had a summer spent up north where more of it was spent working than…

White Nights with Target Style

White Nights with Target Style | The Fresh Exchange

Warm days call for light colored and lightweight clothes that offer just the right amount of relief from the heat. It has been warm around here with projected temperatures in the upper 90’s and 100’s. The season has already proven to be a real southern summer around here. There is no better time to add some great white summer pieces to your closet than right now. Even better than daytime white wearing is nighttime white wearing….

Everyday Beauty

Everyday Beauty | The Fresh Exchange

It is easy to become disillusioned with the everyday. We wake up, we make coffee, we get ready for the day, and we find ourselves at our desk. The everyday can feel a lot like the everyday, to put it simply. It can be hard to find beauty in these moments sometimes. I know I struggle with it. This struggle is why the other day we broke early, jumped in the car and headed out to…

Our Summer Albums for 2015

Albums for Summer 2015 | The Fresh Exchange

Every season calls for a playlist. From the crooning sounds of Frank Sinatra weeks before the holidays arrive, to a little Jack Johnson on the first warm day of the year. There is always an album that fits perfectly beside a season. As we prepare to set aside a little time to work remotely up in Michigan for a few weeks, we are pulling together some of our must-listen to albums for summer 2015. The…

Our Studio: Almost There

Our Studio: Almost There | The Fresh Exchange

It has been about a month since we last gave you an update on the build out of our studio. A lot has been done in that time. We are currently about a week and a half away from completion, and could not be more excited. The moment we saw the drywall go up it felt odd real. Prior to the drywall going up, we made decisions on storage for props, camera gear, and more that would…

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