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Just 5 Recipe: No-Knead Bread

Just 5: No Knead Bread with Dill | The Fresh Exchange

One of my goals this year was to begin making bread. The process of making bread is something that holds wonderful memories from my childhood. Every week my dad would spend hours making his own bread. It was quite a process. He would begin mixing a wet ingredient base of the bread on the stove and then once it cooled he would cover and knead it in flour. It would take nearly the entire day to create. It…

Styled: The White V-neck

Styled: The White V-neck and it's Importance in life | The Fresh Exchange

Spring has already been fairly warm this year in Raleigh. This means that I am quickly becoming acquainted with my warmer weather essentials. One of those is the white v-neck. If you went into the drawers of my dresser you would be hard pressed to find many colored tee shirts or crew neck shirts besides my basic white and black tees. I may have an issue with the number of white tees I have. No,…

Monday Words: Dare Greatly

Dare Greatly | The Fresh Exchange

This weekend we watched a movie called Desert Runners. Have you seen it? It’s a documentary on Netflix about four ultra-runners from all over the world taking on the challenge of running the 4 Desert Grand Slam. This means they are running 250K marathons in four different deserts around the world all in one year. Yeah, that’s right 250k (155.43 miles) marathons. Each marathon is run over a 5 day period and are held in the largest deserts…

5 Ways for a Perfect Spring Weekend

5 Ways to Have a Perfect Spring Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

This is a busy weekend for many of us, with the Easter holiday, but it is also one of the first truly spring weekends as well. Which means it’s time to enjoy it. I want to give you a list of ways I make busy weekends feel special. There is nothing like ending your weekend and feeling like it was the best 2 days of your week, right? I think so. I have found that on…

5 Ways to Make the Poncho Work

5 Ways to Wear a Poncho | The Fresh Exchange

Poncho from ASOS Now you may be like, Megan, there is no way you are going to convince me to jump on the poncho/kimono/cape train. Or, maybe you are already one step ahead of me and are in no need of being convinced. Either way, I hear you. I stayed away from the trend for quite sometime. It was only this last Summer that I purchased my first poncho. It was the perfect Summer bonfire on…

Choose Greatness

Choose Greatness | The Fresh Exchange

Greatness. There is a fun topic. I have been pondering the word the last few days and asking myself things such as: – What does greatness look like to me?  – What does it mean to be great at something? – Why do I see other’s greater than myself at times? Being a human I fight the constant comparison and approval struggle. I catch myself in a cycle feeling unsatisfied and lacking because of this….

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