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A Healthy and Strong 2015

A Healthy and Strong Year | The Fresh Exchange

In order to get started on a year of chasing after health, I wanted to share not just my own personal goals with fitness but also some ways I have found that work to stay on track. See below for my tips and goals for myself this year.  CREATE RITUALS I no longer set large and lofty fitness goals at the beginning of the new year. In the past, when I have I find myself burnt out and…

Styled: Winter Neutrals

Winter Neutrals | The Fresh Exchange

January, to me, has always been the first month of true winter weather. This time of year usually means deep hibernation and snow boots, for a Northern Michigan girl, but I have learned a southern winter can include an outfit beyond the warmest layers I own. Although I greatly miss the warmth of a roaring fireplace, being snowed in on a Friday night, and cozying up to read a favorite book with a bourbon. I am going to give…

New Year. New Thoughts.

2015 the year of Depth | The Fresh Exchange

Hey! It’s me!! Yeah, I am back, refreshed, and ready to tackle 2015 with a whole new perspective and a whole lot of clarity. Since posting our last post for 2014 on Christmas Eve, Mike and I have been in a quieter and more reflective space in order to relax, look back, and move our eyes forward. To be honest, during this time we did very little. We went to the art museum, we planned out the…

Merry Christmas + A 2014 Recap of TFE

Merry Christmas from The Fresh Exchange

image taken by Brett and Jessica It only seems like yesterday that we were exploring the streets of New Orleans on our way to Texas for Christmas. That was a year ago! This time last year, we had only been in Raleigh 3 months. We were just beginning the process of thinking about buying a home and were redefining our business and thinking about what 2014 would hold. I had been looking forward to the year of 2014 as possibly…

Styled: The Cape

The Cape Styled | The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I have been spending a lot of time inside lately finishing up content for the blog, getting ready for guests, and finishing client work for the year so we have not gotten the outdoor time we usually do. So, one Sunday afternoon I told Mike, let’s go find a new place to hike. We knew there was a river just outside Raleigh we had no been to and so we headed to the east…

Hello Weekend

Let's Chill Out | The Fresh Exchange

Oh, it feels good to be here writing this post. We have been working all week to tie up all of our projects for the year so, for the first time, we can begin a nearly 1 month off from work and projects with Wild Measure. We will still be blogging other than the week between Christmas and New Years, but our client work is on hold until January 12th. This is meant to give our minds time…

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