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Monday Words: Aristotle

Monday Words: Choice not chance | The Fresh Exchange

A quote to kick off your week this week. We are spending a couple days in the mountains to get away from the city a little. It has been beautiful out here. You can see the place we are staying. I wanted to get to a place that was in the country and had a farm feeling. We found it! This quote has been written on my list of quotes for the month for a…

Creating Space for Wildness – Happy Weekend

Making Space for Wildness | The Fresh Exchange

I wasn’t 100% certain I had much to write about for today, so I was about to skip it. Fridays we usually leave open for ideas on our content calendar. Sometimes we will plan things and sometimes we won’t. This was one of those weeks we decided to leave open for interpretation. This last month Mike has been back working full-time with a client and I have been spending my days balancing between caring almost full-time…

An Outdoor Revamp with At Home: Shopping

An Outdoor Revamp with At Home: Shopping | The Fresh Exchange

Today we continue our story with At Home to do a little update to our deck for the spring. If you missed it two weeks back we shared what our current outdoor space looks like you can see it here. We have some great bones to work with and are excited to put the space together. Before going to At Home, we had never ever been to one of the stores. I saw it one time…

Loving Now: Louise Gray Quilts

Loving Now: Louise Gray Quilts | The Fresh Exchange

I have fond memories of heading to my grandmother’s home in northern Michigan in the summers and staying in this room she had decorated specifically for her granddaughters. In the room was this amazing blue and white quilt. The bed was always made perfectly like in a magazine. At times, I had a hard time even thinking of taking it apart to get into at night, but what I loved most about the room was…

New Work: Spring Graphics for Over

New Work: Spring pack with Over | The Fresh Exchange

Normally I share a quote on Mondays, but today I wanted to share a WHOLE bunch of quotes and phrases I recently did for Over that are in their Spring Bundle, which was just released on Friday. You may have seen me mention it on Instagram this weekend. I wanted to share with all of you here not just about the work I did, but more about the collaboration. If you have Over (or not…

A Trip to the Beach

A Beach Trip | The Fresh Exchange

When we started the conversation about starting a family years ago I had tons of ideas of what life would be like and how I wanted to raise them. There were many things I had my thoughts on from schooling to food to screen time, but the one thing I knew most about what life as a family would be is that it would be full of adventure. Mike and I have always been seekers…

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