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How to Be Successful

You Define Success | The Fresh Exchange

image via: unsplash by Amanda Sandlin I wish years ago someone had told me success was much simpler than it was made out to be, but lately I feel I am finally coming to a real understanding of success. Here is how I plan to be successful: 1. Forget the world’s definition of success. 2. Redefine what success is to you.  3. Then allow others to do the same for themselves. What’s right for you isn’t right for…

A Short Trip to LA

A Short Trip to LA | The Fresh Exchange

Thursday afternoon we headed out to LA for a meet up HelloSociety was hosting for a few fellow influencers and bloggers. Thought it was a short stay we were able to enjoy some time in the sun on Friday and Saturday and hang out at the new Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. It was wonderful to even have a short amount of time to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers and creatives that…

A Sunny Weekend

A Sunny Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

This weekend we are in LA for a little work and fun, but I thought I would leave you with a few links and reads for the week that I thought you all would love. We have been working on the road since Saturday and most of the month will be spent that way, but I am not complaining because it feels like it has been forever since we spent time on the road. Our…

Springs Trends And How to Rock them Properly

Spring Trends and How to Rock Them Properly | The Fresh Exchange

image via: Jcrew Every season I get excited to see the trends that crop up, the ones that stay around, and the ones that are slightly adjusted and refined. This Spring, I noticed some that really had me excited. Some of them I will be embracing and others just aren’t me, but I am still inspired by the progression and changes that come with fashion. So, here are the trends I am really enjoying this…

A Tour of Raleigh with Shinola

A Raleigh Tour with Shinola | The Fresh Exchange

This last month I had a chance to partner with one of my favorite brands, Shinola based out of Detroit. Obviously, being a Michigan girl, businesses that come out of Detroit have a deep connection to me. For generations my family has been rooted in Detroit and made it all to easy for me to fall in love with everything Shinola is doing in downtown Detroit. So, when they asked me to share some of the few things I…

A Few Found Things

A Few Found Things | The Fresh Exchange

We are traveling this week and I will be honest to say not traveling for a while and then beginning traveling again makes for a rocky first few steps. There used to be a good rhythm I would find on the road, but this time I feel like I am relearning how to have that muscle memory again. This month is full of travel and every month after will have us spending time in new…

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