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On Our Radar: Westerlind

On Our Radar: Westerlind | The Fresh Exchange

We finally made it home! It was 10 days of travel through the deserts of Arizona to the coast of California and it was absolutely amazing. We are itching to edit everything we shot and post about all of our experiences, our recommendations, and how the trip refueled our wild spirit, but we need a moment to unpack… When we were planning this trip out west, I don’t think I really understood how diverse the weather was going to be….

DIY: Simple Modern Vertical Herb Garden

DIY: A Simple Vertical Herb Garden | The Fresh Exchange

For nearly two years I have been without a garden. It has been really tough not to have a space to tend, love, and watch every day. When we left our garden in Michigan it was at the peak of fall harvest and it broke my heart to leave it all behind. Gardening is something I love, and although I dream of having a large plot one day, living in a city means I have…

A Day in the Arizona Desert

A Day in the Arizona Desert | The Fresh Exchange

On Friday, we flew out to Phoenix to spend a few days with my cousin Andrew and his girlfriend Tobin. Andrew and I grew up in a big family, but we were also really close. Andrew has always felt like a brother, more than a cousin, growing up. We are only a year apart and spent every summer with my grandparents boating, swimming, making fires, building forts, catching frogs, and everything kids do. So, when…

On Heading West and a Deep Breath

The Necessity for the Deep Breathe | The Fresh Exchange

We are about to take a deep breathe. The kind you take between the end and the beginning of something new. That is how I feel about this trip we are taking for the next 10 days out west. It feels just like a deep breathe. Even though we are headed west to do some content work for the blog and have some meetings, we are taking this time to clear our heads and to mark the space…

An Any Day Smoothie Recipe

An Any Day Smoothie Recipe with Silk Almond Milk | The Fresh Exchange

We have a routine around here in the morning. We begin slow with a really good smoothie and great coffee. It’s pretty simple, but it is a routine.It is the kind of routine that when it doesn’t happen life doesn’t feel right. I love smoothies because they are an awesome opportunity to hide in a bunch of greens, anti-oxidants, protein, fiber, and probiotics that you need to get your day off to a good start….

To Go Far – Our Creative Mornings Talk

To Go Far - Creative Mornings talk | The Fresh Exchange

Image by Brett and Jessica Donar  Last Friday we had the opportunity speak at Creative Mornings. It was this slightly surreal moment to be honest. Mike and I have greatly valued what Creative Mornings adds to the community of creatives around the world. I mentioned some of this last week when I shared we would be speaking, but it truly was a special moment in our careers to have the chance to offer our thoughts…

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