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Fight Monday

Fight Monday | The Fresh Exchange

Image via Charles Pétillon for his Invasions installation I think I have read about 2,000 tweets and Facebook statuses commenting on how ridiculously cold it is right now in the eastern half of the US. This means you may be reading this from your bed, hiding under your covers, and wishing that today wasn’t Monday. I get it. I wrote this last night in order to inspire me to get my own butt out of…


Love | The Fresh Exchange

Image taken by Woodnote Photography while in Spain last year. So here is the deal, I am not a super romantic hearts and tears sort of person. I just don’t operate that way. I have always been purposeful about relationships, and honest with my intentions. I never had sweeping day dreams of my wedding, engagement, or how I would meet the right guy. I just thought it would happen at some point. Yes, this also means…

Create a Cozy Date Night

Create a Cozy Date Night in for Valentines | The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I are all about creating simple moments special. Most of our date nights are planned in the moment. We just aren’t that into over the top date night plans. I am not a girl who has ever expected a bundle of roses or candies on Valentines day, which is perfect because V-day is also Mike’s B-day. So for us, we try to make a point of creating dates throughout the year that are meaningful and purposeful….

Freshen Up!

Freshen Up Your Home without Spending Too Much | The Fresh Exchange

Winter can mean long periods of time at home. Maybe it is too cold to go out on a Friday so instead you cook in and binge on Netflix or maybe you are stuck at home because you literally are snowed in. If you are anything like me you end up feeling bored and complacent with your space. At times I have thought that I just needed to reset. Instead, I have found that when…

Do Your Thing

Do Your Thing | The Fresh Exchange

Image via Everlane from the Langley Collection.   Type: hand written and added by me Plain and simple. Do what you do and do it well. No matter what. Life is too short to allow yourself to live any other way. Stop comparing. Stop looking for approval. You know the path and where you want to go. So, just go. Go without fear. Go with passion. Go because it will make you feel alive. Sometimes we just…

DIY Ace Hotel Inspired Headboard

DIY Head board inspired by Ace Hotel | The Fresh Exchange

Remember when we shared our first look into our guest room? Well, a few things have happened since then. First, we have pinned about a hundred different side lights, but haven’t actually picked any of them yet. I keep trying…really hard, but I back out seconds before hitting the order button. I guess this means I haven’t found my lighting soulmate yet, and I will just have to wait for them to find me. We did had…

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