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Lou and Grey: A Visit + a Cozy Outfit

Lou & Grey | The Fresh Exchange

Have you ever found a store that just got you? I remember when this happened with Madewell and then AYR, and then now Lou & Grey. I remember seeing their pieces surface on Pinterest last Christmas and begging Mike to let me at least pick up one piece. Now, with the launching of their gorgeous website, and now store fronts I have felt as if I have found my store soul-mate. Recently, Lou & Grey placed a…

Thoughts on Winter

In The Bleak Midwinter | The Fresh Exchange

The chill of the air. The stillness of the evening. The flickering of the lights on the tree as they dance off the shiniest of ornaments. The sound of an old favorite holiday record crackling from age and years of spreading cheer. The beauty of a warm meal on a cold night that is enjoyed by candle light. The smell of cinnamon. For that matter the smell of pine and balsam. The raised glasses to…


Wild Measure Site is Live | The Fresh Exchange

image by: Eric Ryan Anderson After 2 years, nearly 30 clients, and countless hours of planning, the full Wild Measure website is now live. Earlier last week we quietly removed our “temporary” landing page we had up for 2 years, and launched the full site. As we did in the Fresh Exchange redesign, we created numerous site designs and re-designs to finally land on the final version of our now live site. We began by creating a huge site with many…

A Minimal New Year’s Eve with Tommy Hilfiger

Share your NYE look to win $1,000 in merchandise from Tommy Hilfiger this holiday season. See post for details on The Fresh Exchange

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights that makes me think this song (and yes I still listen to it) may have been written to encourage. Usually I am not much of a party person, but I have my moments where you will find me dancing late into the night. New Year’s Eve always seems to be one of those nights. That being said, I used to get stressed about my attire for the night….

Pancakes with American Spoon

Pancakes with American Spoon | The Fresh Exchange

While growing up in Northern Michigan, this time of year always meant weekends began with french toast, a waffle or two, or on the best Saturdays, it meant pancakes. Cold winter days never seemed complete without these staples on my weekend. As we have entered the cooler months, so has this tradition. We actually recently began our Thanksgiving day this way with my family last week. For me, there is no better way to recreate…

Wild Measures: Taylor Bruce of WILDSAM Field Guides

Wild Measures: Taylor Bruce of WildSam Field Guides | The Fresh Exchange

A few weeks back we shared about the WILDSAM Field Guides and their exciting contest where they are giving away a trip to one of their Field Guide cities. In an attempt to learn more about WILDSAM’s story, today we wanted to dig deeper and open the doors to discovering how and why Taylor Bruce, the creator and editor of WildSam, set out on this adventure. Taylor’s story involves winding roads while driving the southern states to expose…

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