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36 Week Bump Style

36 Weeks | The Fresh Exchange

In all honesty, I have been hesitant to post another bump style post. I am not going to lie to all of you. Literally, I have put a style post off for weeks. I have really had a hard time with feeling comfortable with even Mike getting photos of me. I never would have said I had “body issues” so to speak, but being pregnant has made me realize how unforgiving I can be of…

Working Together: A New Series & A Call for Questions

Working Together | The Fresh Exchange

For nearly two years we have talked about sharing, and answering questions, about how we work together, both personally and professionally. Now that we are about to throw a little one into the mix we feel this conversation is even more pertinent than ever. We love receiving your emails with personal questions but, unfortunately, aren’t always able to answer every question that comes our way. Overall the majority of your questions have focused on how to…

Monday Words: Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday Words: Martin Luther King Jr. | The Fresh Exchange

Happy MLK day! I felt it only approriate to use today’s Monday Words to share a great reminder from Dr. King himself. His words are so true even years later that there is nothing that Light and Love cannot fight in this world. Let his these words of his be a reminder that even in these moments of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, racial inequality, and much pain and loud voices yelling over one another for…

The Last Year of My Twenties – Turning 29

Turning 29 | The Fresh Exchange

The last year of my twenties. 29. Can it feel any more monumental? I don’t know probably not. I always have a hard time writing a post for my birthday as it is always right after new years, but I feel it is important to mark these moments in life. Though my birthday isn’t till Sunday, I wanted to end the week with this little post. I could look back at the year, but this…

Just 5: Simple Fish Cakes

Just 5: Fish Cakes | The Fresh Exchange

Being pregnant has meant we have been focusing on eating higher amounts of protein around these parts. We had been on a protein and grassfed animal fat-rich diet for a while before getting pregnant (I hear it does help with fertility) but we have also focused on adding in the proper variety of meats into our diet during this time. One of those important meats we have been far more regular about is fish and…

6 Rockers that Won’t Kill Your Soul

Stylish Rockers That Won't Kill Your Soul | The Fresh Exchange

Image via: Sissy + Marley Let me tell you about my struggle with the whole chair in the nursery thing. This may seem so little to most, but I knew a few things about the importance of choosing this piece because of both recommendations from you guys and from just testing out a lot of things: It needs to be comfy. A lot of time will be spent here and I will be recovering physically…

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