Cocktail and App Pairing from American Spoon

The Perfect Cocktail and Appetizer Pairing for Thanksgiving | The Fresh Exchange

This next week marks the beginning of holiday gatherings. From family arriving in-town to company parties there will be friend gatherings, birthday celebrations, community events, and even just the celebration to simply celebrate. At some point I find myself looking for new and original recipes to either serve at my own party or take to someone else’s. Instead of searching the internet for something new, I chatted with one of my favorite food brands, American Spoon,…

Plaid: A Simple Wardrobe Upgrade

Plaid: A Simple Wardrobe Upgrade | The Fresh Exchange

Though I love summer’s warm days and slow lifestyle, fall wins my heart in the style department. Growing up in Michigan, I loved the layering of cozy materials such as flannels, cable knit sweaters, great denim, and leather boots. Still now, I find comfort in these same staples even as I have grown up and live in a different climate. Sometimes it is hard to find a balance with plaid to not feel too 90’s…

In Honor of our 5 Year Anniversary!

The Fresh Exchange --- A New Design

Images shot by: Eric Ryan Anderson Today marks the five year anniversary of The Fresh Exchange. Can you believe that?! Five years feels a little surreal. When I began this space, my life looked very different. I had recently finished college as a graphic designer, the economy sucked, I needed a creative outlet from the work I was doing, and I was recently engaged to marry my best friend. When I hit publish five years…

Loving Now: WildSam Field Guides

Wildsam Field Guides | The Fresh Exchange

Since I was a little kid, I have loved to travel. Growing up, we would take long drives across the country to visit family or just see the country. I remember ridding in the back seat watching the landscape change as we would drive from Michigan to Florida or out east to visit family in Cape Cod. There is a beauty in seeing something for the first time and exploring new places. Obviously, this is something…

Our Home Buying Experience + A Tour

Our Home Buying Experience as Entrepreneurs and a Tour | The Fresh Exchange

I have promised to write this post so many times. Honestly it has been a little scary to me. Why scary? Well, to show a home that I feel is in progress and “not there yet” feels a little like blogger suicide. When you see all the perfectly styled homes everyday on pinterest and instagram. Our space right now is, by no means, shiny and perfect in our eyes, but the truth is the beauty…

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