A Day for Thanks

Give Thanks | The Fresh Exchange

image by: Brett and Jessica Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. A time to purposefully gather around the table. A day dedicated to the process of a meal. A moment to shut the world off (well besides football I guess), and remember to be thankful for what is right in front of us. That’s an amazing thing and something I don’t take lightly this time of year. If anything this year…

Just 5: My Father’s Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce | The Fresh Exchange

Maybe it is just me, but Thanksgiving never feels complete without cranberry sauce. Growing up, there was one Thanksgiving my dad decided that no longer would he stand for canned cranberries and took on the task of making his own sauce. Though the first was great, over the years the recipe has matured and become much more refined. Now, this is a staple to our family’s Thanksgiving day and to every leftover sandwich. So, in…

Wild Measures: Arrowhead

Wild Measures: Arrowhead | The Fresh Exchange

Nearly two years ago, we first heard of a unique company called Arrowhead. They were just beginning to create custom furniture, and we were lucky enough to have one of the first tables they built for our Raleigh Simple Evening. After that simple evening, we have enjoyed many more dinners, late night conversations about what it means to be carve your own path, run a business based on what you love. These guys are some of the toughest, hard working,…

Cocktail and App Pairing from American Spoon

The Perfect Cocktail and Appetizer Pairing for Thanksgiving | The Fresh Exchange

This next week marks the beginning of holiday gatherings. From family arriving in-town to company parties there will be friend gatherings, birthday celebrations, community events, and even just the celebration to simply celebrate. At some point I find myself looking for new and original recipes to either serve at my own party or take to someone else’s. Instead of searching the internet for something new, I chatted with one of my favorite food brands, American Spoon,…

Plaid: A Simple Wardrobe Upgrade

Plaid: A Simple Wardrobe Upgrade | The Fresh Exchange

Though I love summer’s warm days and slow lifestyle, fall wins my heart in the style department. Growing up in Michigan, I loved the layering of cozy materials such as flannels, cable knit sweaters, great denim, and leather boots. Still now, I find comfort in these same staples even as I have grown up and live in a different climate. Sometimes it is hard to find a balance with plaid to not feel too 90’s…

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