A Weekend of Musts

A Weekend of Musts | The Fresh Exchange

There are some things in life that you just can’t beat such as a fresh made bed with white sheets. I have this routine on the weekends where I wash our bedding and make the bed all new and fresh. Then I spend the rest of that day just waiting for the moment I can slip in under the covers. You know this feeling? It’s pretty amazing. It’s similar to that feeling you have when…

Today is not Tomorrow.

Today isn't Tomorrow | The Fresh Exchange

Image: Billy Onjea   |    Type: Megan Gilger Sometimes the most inspiring and impactful words in life are simple. Maybe the phrase above seems obvious, and quite literal, but it is a phrase I have repeated many times in my life. So I am going to repeat it again. Today is not tomorrow. This surprisingly simple, yet deep, phrase was first imparted to me by my grandmother on a causal Sunday phone call. Initially, it passed…

Turning 28

Twenty Eight | The Fresh Exchange

Every year, I write a post to mark the turning of a new year and to embrace the turning of a year. Technically my birthday is on Saturday, but I don’t like posting on the weekends, so I wanted to share this post today. In the past, some years of aging have been a welcomed moment and other years have been rather scary. So, how do I feel about leaving 27 behind and opening the first page of 28’s…

Reaching For What’s Next.

Challenge | The Fresh Exchange

As we kick back into design projects this year, I have been having a lot of thoughts on the design process. We have many talks with fellow friends and designers about trends and shifts in the landscape of designing. There is no doubt, we are in an age where design is heavily influenced by the internet and consumption of inspiration. It is no surprise to see “copied” or more nicely said, “inspired” lettering, logos, and…

A Healthy and Strong 2015

A Healthy and Strong Year | The Fresh Exchange

In order to get started on a year of chasing after health, I wanted to share not just my own personal goals with fitness but also some ways I have found that work to stay on track. See below for my tips and goals for myself this year.  CREATE RITUALS I no longer set large and lofty fitness goals at the beginning of the new year. In the past, when I have I find myself burnt out and…

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