image by Eric Ryan Anderson

This space began from an honest place of desiring to create and have a space to explore all that it means to be a creative entrepreneur. In late 2009, Mike and I (hey I am Megan by the way) were in a place where Mike was working an agency job he wasn’t in love with, and I was beginning my dream of being a freelance graphic designer. Neither of us felt creatively fulfilled by what we were doing and we felt we needed a space to use as our creative playground. We felt we needed a space where we could catalog what inspired us, the struggles of growing as a creative, and a place to share our travels. On a cold day in November 2009, I penned our first post to The Fresh Exchange. Since that first post we have said this place would remain a space of passion, honesty, and inspiration. To this day it still remains that. Here at The Fresh Exchange, you can see deeper inside our journey as a husband and wife who are creative entrepreneurs living, traveling, and pursuing the art of crafting a life that is fulfilling and that gives back to the creative community we love.

As we have grown this space over the years, much has happened in our journey. In 2013, our career paths came together and we took on the challenge beginning a business aa husband and wife. As designers, photographers, and creative directors we combined our skills and passions to build, Wild Measure, our brand building studio that is focused on creating meaningful brands looking to tell an authentic story. We felt called to share our vision and skills with brands we loved and people we believed in. Today you can find us adventurously creating with companies like Over, Mcclure’s Pickles, White Whale Bold Mixers, and other lifestyle brands looking to make a difference in the everyday life of their customer.

Together, Mike and I are striving to make this space a place where our readers feel inspired to chase their dreams, live a beautiful and fulfilling life, and find honesty in a world where sometimes we forget to allow it in. Being a creative entrepreneur is extremely rewarding but it is a journey. We feel The Fresh Exchange is our space to share our journey with the world. For us this space is our wild measure. We hope you enjoy!