Garden DIY: Mounting a Staghorn Fern

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Last Summer we began chatting about the garden and many of you shared that you loved the posts, but lived in a space where a large garden was not possible. We have come together with Clyde Oak to start featuring simple, easy, gardening DIY posts that are sure to allow you to have a green thumb, won’t break the bank, and will work no matter where you live. To kick this series off, Corey Mason of Clyde Oak is helping with us bring the green in during these chilly months with an 8-step tutorial on how to mount a Staghorn Fern in your own space. This is a great replacement for art on your wall or an addition in a gallery wall.

The moment Corey came up with this idea, I was in love. Staghorn ferns are easy house plants, but also look gorgeous with their super long leaves. They feel modern, but can really work in nearly any space or with any style. For just a small trip to the garden store you can pull this gorgeous mounted plant together for yourself or gift it to a friend as a house warming gift.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

All you will need is the following:
1 Staghorn Fern – If you cannot find one at your garden store, you can order one here
1 mounting board – We used a split log, but you could use any flat piece of wood. This is a great place to get creative and make it yours
1 a bag of Green Sheet Moss – if you do not find it at your store you can order some here
8 small nails
1 wall mounting device of your choice – this may depend on the surface you decide to mount on
4-5 feet of twine – found at most craft stores, but I use this twine stand and love it! 
Hammer and possibly a screw driver

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

First things first, you will want to set the hook that will attach to the wall. Whatever you decide to use is up to you and the mounting piece you decide on, but begin with placing that before anything else. Trying to do this after you secure the plant could be disastrous.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Next, find a round object that you can trace around for your guide for step three. We used a bowl that was about 5 inches wide in diameter.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once, your circle is drawn grab your nails and equally hammer in the 8 small nails around the circle’s edge. If you have a bigger circle you will need more and if you have a smaller circle you will need less. This will secure the plant on the mount.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Before you place the plant, it is important to loosen and prune the roots some. This helps better absorb moisture in it’s new environment as well as adapt to the new surface it will call home. After pruning make sure to water the plant.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once you have pruned the plant, place the fern in the middle of the circle of nails. We also took into account the direction of leaves, where the back hook was. By considering these details it will make the final presentation feel right. There is no wrong way, but sometimes one side of the plant will look better than another.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Now, grab the moss and pull apart a chunk, dampen it slightly and make sure to absorb any drippy moisture. Wrap the moss around the base of the plant to contain the dirt and roots of the fern.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once fully wrapped, cut your a long piece of twine and tie a knot on a nail. Criss-cross the twine over the base of the plant and wrap it around the tops of the nails with each cross. This will be the only security the plant and moss have so make sure to hit every nail and wrap around the heads well. We used a burlap twine as it had a natural feeling and blended well, but you could get really creative and use neon twine, baker’s twine in colors, or simply use fishing line. Choose whatever fits you and your style.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once the plant is well secured you can now hang it. First, tested all three of our mounted plants before we hung them. We wanted to keep the concept of odds, a triangular shape, and lines of all the objects in to account when doing this.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

It took us about 5-10 minutes per plant to create. Corey also wanted to hang his Orchid because Orchids are also an easily mounted plant. It came out very modern, clean, and natural.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

To keep your plant healthy, check the moss every so often to make sure the moss is moist. The dryer your home, the more often you will need to water it. Make sure to also place it in a brighter room to allow enough sunlight, however it should not have direct sunlight. When you do water them place them in a sink or shower and spray them to give them a rain-like experience. Then allow them to drip off the excess moisture. Once they are done dripping and not as damp you can replace them on the wall. I personally maintain my plants once a week in our home and it takes about 10 minutes on a Saturday to do.

Garden DIY: Mounting A Staghorn Fern  |  The Fresh Exchange

I hope y’all enjoy this new series as we have a lot of awesome ideas ahead to share, but if you have any garden diy questions or things you would like to see us create, please leave a comments below. We love to help your ideas come to life and are very open to ideas.

If you do create this DIY, please share it with us in the comments section below or by @ mentioning @clydeoak or @megangilger on instagram/twitter. We would love to see how you create your own, bring it in to your space, and answer any questions you have.


If you live in the North Carolina area, Corey does sell handmade installations like this. He can either help you build your own wall, or create a mounted fern for you. Shoot him an email at and he will get in touch with you about creating your dream green space. 


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  1. Katie Bright

    This is so cool! I love bringing the outside indoors. Thanks for sharing! Xo, Katie

  2. Jess

    This is fantastic! I have been wanting to know how to do this.
    Thank you!

  3. Laura Rauch

    Love this Meggo, come visit and show me how :)

  4. Dani

    I really love this! Seems simple enough. Definitely going to try it out. Thank you!

  5. Mandy

    These are so great! I love how your site and tutorial are clean and simple. So nice to follow.

  6. Igor

    Awesome idea!! Love it from head to toe:-)

  7. Kevin | Thou Swell

    I love Staghorn ferns, and I’ve been meaning to mount one recently! I also love your mounted orchid… They all look so good mounted with each other!

  8. Ashley antkowiak

    Love this! My sister and I are all about houseplants these days and this brings it to a new level!

  9. Megan Gilger

    Well the awesome thing is that they are so easy to make and there are so many ways you can make them your own too! Check Amazon for some awesome deals on plants as well. I have found great deals on succulents clippings and air plants on there that are far cheaper than a lot of garden stores. :)

  10. Ben

    Are there any additional considerations for mounting orchids? I have a few that would probably love to be mounted! Don’t most varieties grow in trees anyway?

  11. Alexandra

    These look fantastic ! Great way to bring some green inside ! :) x

  12. jensen

    My grandma has had staghorn ferns in her house for as long as I can remember. They were always my favorite plants of hers because I got to feed them banana peels! And the orchid! Such a great idea (and would maybe help me not always kills them)

  13. Kelly Brito

    Holy cow! I’ve been wanting one forever. Thanks! This will be my new weekend project! :)

  14. Rachel

    Very cool! Great directions and it looks fantastic! I would love to link to your directions if you didn’t mind.

  15. Carmela

    I love this plant idea, thanks Alicia for the instructions,this is my next project for spring

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  17. Estela

    Hello I just found this tutorial thanks! I saw one at the store and hesitated to buy until I could do a little research on them. I think I will buy, hopefully no one has snatched it up!

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  19. Royce

    Great work! That is the type of info that are meant to be shared across
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  20. Jenifer

    This is great. I love plants anywhere in my house. Really great idea

  21. Jeanette

    Fantastic instructions. I have a potted SF but wanted to mount it. I also bought 2 new ones & hope to mount them on Birch Tree logs or take Birch bark & cover a board first. After seeing your orchid mounted I may have to add them to the collection! Again, Thanks!!!!

  22. Ginger

    Nice I bought one in Florida, I can’t wait to do this when I get home.


    I always keep my SH on a trunk out side. Of course I live in Louisiana. I am going to mount about 5 of them for gifts. It is now too heavy to get it to the greenhouse!

  24. Karen

    Excellent instructions. Clean, bright presentation. Never thought to mount my phalaenopsis this way – looks gorgeous – thank you.

  25. Connie Kinkle

    I love the look of Stag Horn Fern’s! Can I put them outside in the summer? I am for sure going to try this

  26. Carolyn J Bradley

    The hanging plants made of wood, Moss, nails and a beautiful plant is a great idea. I never knew how the plants held securely on the wall until I read this DIY tutorial. Thanks so much. Carolyn

  27. Heather

    Lovely! This was very timely. I have just been given two Staghorns and I didn’t have a clue how to mount them. Thanks so much this was very helpful to me.

  28. Jamala

    Thank you for the step by step guide.. I”ve been wanting to hang mine.. you just gave me the courage.

  29. Barbara

    I have always wanted to do this, but never knew how! Thank you! I have the perfect place for it! It looks very easy, something I can manage!

  30. Betty Mack

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I have some old wooden shingles that I got while volunteering at the “Cradle Of Forestry” in western North Carolina, do you think these would work for the base? Can’ wait to get started!!! What a creative person you are, thanks for sharing!

  31. Ginger Louis

    Since I make my own pottery I was wondering if this would work in a wall pocket made from clay ( glazed or unglazed?) I didn’t know if it needs to be exposed. I have several and am not fond of artificial greens.

  32. Kim

    I have had my staghorn fern in a container for years and have been looking for mounting instructions. Thanks! I had a patient who had a huge one outdoors. They brought it to Georgia from Florida. It was about 4 feet wide. I hope to grow one outdoors as well as indoors.

  33. Mehrnaz

    I enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Garry Farmer

    Well done. I am from Melbourne Australia and suspect our climate is similar. I have been diviiding large stag ferns for a number of years, predominately using tree fern rounds for a backing, but this variation looks great. Will try shortly as I have another with about a dozen segments to mount..

  35. Megan Gilger

    The ferns need to breathe around their roots so I would say if you can design something that will retain moisture for them like the wood does but they can still be attached to then you could definitely do that!

  36. Megan Gilger

    Yes I think they would work! Thank you and so glad you loved the tutorial.

  37. Megan Gilger

    You can if you are in a moist climate .They need to be in the shade and not in direct sun all day. Think about where they would be in a forest and that is the kind of environment they need. So placing them on a porch that is covered is a great place.

  38. patty

    thanks, I have one mounted and it is doing well. Loves a piece of banana skin for the potasium tucked in behind the plant.

  39. Liz Timar

    I have always loved these ferns (I love fern in general) and have had them for many years but cannot find them now. Where do you find them?


    I’ve always wanted a staghorn fern! Thanks for the great instructions. I saw this on Pinterest.

  41. Lynne

    I love this, thanks for the DIY tips!

  42. Sharon Christel

    I just had a huge fern fall from my tree and I am going to cut out the pups and try this. I never had one indoors before. Do you mist them? Outside they get rained on.

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    I love this idea, thanks so much. I’m going to try this with my orchids and see if I can get a staghorn fern.