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Soft Gold Studio  |  The Fresh Exchange

Oh man Monday. Work days seem harder than ever to get in to when it is gorgeous and 85 degrees outside. Not sure how to stay focused, but with Mike doing better than this time last week I feel it is time to jump back in full force and get things done. So bring on the tea and the lack of sunshine cause there is work to be done.

Soft Gold Studio  |  The Fresh Exchange

Soft Gold Studio  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since it is Monday and we all need a little inspiration I thought I would share a shop I came across in the last few months that I really am loving. Soft Gold Studio is an adorable Etsy store full of handmade jewelry that is just my jam. As you all know I am a big fan of the handmade especially when it comes to jewelry and other accessories. I love how handmade items are truly unique and tell a story so that’s why I think purchasing handmade accessories is extremely important and a lot more fun.

Soft Gold Studio  |  The Fresh Exchange

That probably can explain my love for all the gold pieces from Soft Gold Studio right now. The pieces are simple, but they feel vintage and modern all at the same time. I am dreaming of the wedding anniversary cuff for our upcoming anniversary…hint hint Mike…Seriously guys it is a really special gift to your lady to have something like that with such meaning to wear everyday.

Soft Gold Studio  |  The Fresh Exchange

I think that is what I love about so many of these pieces. For us ladies who are not accessory wearers but still want really pretty everyday pieces Soft Gold Studio offers some really perfect pieces. If you have not check them out I highly suggest hopping on over and exploring what is in the shop right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Tomorrow we have our final Simple Evening in Raleigh installment! So check back in!


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  1. I don’t normally go for necklaces that are that big but the bracelets in that shop are pretty awesome! Love all the cuffs.

  2. Pretty necklaces!! Love the gold cuffs too!

  3. I love their shop! I’ve had their bangles on my wish list for months!

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