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Just 5: Sweet and Spicy Carrots


Sweet and Spicy Carrots  |  The Fresh Exchange

So yesterday I promised you that I would make those pretty little carrots in to the perfect side or light lunch huh? Well guess what? Here you all go. In the Winter I love to eat things that are a little heavier and have a deeper flavor than the light crisp flavors that sound so good on warmer days in the Summer. That is why this is one of my favorites!

Carrots are one of those unique things that can almost take on any type of flavor from savory to sweet to spicy. They can be placed in a dessert or in a soup with left over chicken to make you feel better on a sick day. This is why carrots have always been a great thing to keep on hand to me. They can almost always fit in to a meal at least once a day. They are a staple.


I call this recipe sweet and spicy because it is just that. I don’t like to play around with fancy names…sorry. I love how funky these flavors come together and then how the carrots add an earthiness to the whole dish. All my favorite things coming together. Perfect for a chilly evening!

To make for 4 you will need:
5-8 medium carrots
1 tblsp of Berber (You can find it specialty spice stores fairly cheap. If you don’t have it go 1/4 cayenne and 3/4 paprika it will give a similar effect)
1 tblsp Cinnamon
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup honey

Sweet and Spicy Carrots  |  The Fresh Exchange

Begin by heating the oven to 400 degrees.

When you have everything together hand whisk everything but the carrots together in a bowl. This will be tossed on top of the carrots. The sauce should be slightly sticky but still have an oily consistency.

Sweet and Spicy Carrots  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once you have the sauce done, peel off the outer skin and slice carrots long ways to make spears. This makes it prettier but you can cut them however you want depending on how you want to use them.


Finally toss the carrots with the sauce till they are well covered and spread them evenly on a baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes or until carrots are cooked but still have a slight crunch.

You can serve them as a side to a main dish such as pork or roasted chicken for dinner or place them on fresh greens with goat cheese and sliced almonds with balsamic dressing for a light lunch.

Sweet and Spicy Carrots  |  The Fresh Exchange

Enjoy my friends!!


Ps. You can find that awesome cutting board in the ingredient shot from Milled Home Furnishings. Tell Matt I sent you, k?


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  1. Berber?! Fun, I’ve never heard of it. I will have to find some.

  2. These sound delish! Wish I had carrots as fresh as yours 🙂

  3. Jen

    Probably the most gorgeous recipe I’ve seen in a LONG WHILE. More, please, ma’am!

  4. I’m zooming to the farmers’ market Saturday morning for carrots!

    And I have to add, fabulous styling and photography. Gorgeous…really nice work.

  5. These photos are so so beautiful!

  6. Wow that is a huge compliment! Thank you!!! Glad you love it so much!!!

  7. I think you will love it!! Yeah!!!!

  8. Thank you Jacquelyn!!! Means a lot!

  9. Tan

    Okay, yes the carrots sound incredible, but WOW these photos are oh so so amazing! Fun and bright and cheery, just with carrots as your subject. That’s a hard feat to pull off my dear 😉

  10. Great idea! And a perfect alternative to baked potatoes!
    It’s a pity we only have one type of carrots here but I guess the result will be equally tasty =)

  11. Looks so good! Love your photography!


  12. Love how you turned your own harvest into something so pretty (and probably just as delicious too)!

  13. Thank you Judith!!

  14. Oh thank you! I cannot take credit totally…It is my husband taking the photos most of the time!

  15. You are too sweet! Thank you! I have to admit I develop the ideas and dream it up but my husband takes all the photos. He is the real rockstar!

  16. wow. now THIS is one stinkin’ adorable and well styled post. you GO girl! xoxo!

  17. gabi

    So pretty & sounds delish!! Quick question – on the ingredients picture it shows curry, but then the list below it says cinnamon. Which did you use? Thanks!

  18. Thank you for catching this!!!! It should be cinnamon!!! I am changing the image.

  19. Briana Guevara

    I made this recipe for lunch today, so delicious. I paired it with quinoa mac’n’cheese. Such a good healthy comfort food pair for winter. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Great photos! The carrots look delish!

    Can you please share how you made the .gif above?

  21. Thanks! Yes I learned to make by just googling making animated .gifs but basically you use the animation palette in Photoshop. Depending on what CS version you have determines how you make it so I would go ahead and google a tutorial that is correct for your version of CSa

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