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Tastes shift and styles change so when a new year comes I take on the concept in the new and out with the old, because sometimes I just get tired of certain things. This year we are minimizing down to what we love and need but this also means that there will be some replacement going on in that process. I am excited to have some fresh new items to fall in love this year.

These are a few things I got my eyes on right now…anything striking your fancy lately?

Polka Dot Dress from Zoui, Body Sea Salts from Terrain, Screen Print Herb from Cute Old Things, Blanket Backpack from Free People, Heeled Eyelet Boots from Anthropologie, Treasure Chest from Oh Albatross, Rocking Chair from Purpose Inc, Block Soaps from Morning Calm, Clay Teapot from Canoe


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  1. Minimizing is the BEST. I love getting rid of heaps of stuff. It’s freeing.

  2. I love the tea kettle and the backpack! I love that motto…out with the old on with the new!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  3. Love that first line of words, it’s so true! That treasure box and teapot are too cute!!

  4. This is so pretty. I am really drawn to minimal, rustic design and typefaces right now.

  5. Inspiring products! I am working on cleaning out some old things and organizing, too. Good luck!

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