5 Ways to Make the Poncho Work

5 Ways to Wear a Poncho | The Fresh Exchange

Poncho from ASOS Now you may be like, Megan, there is no way you are going to convince me to jump on the poncho/kimono/cape train. Or, maybe you are already one step ahead of me and are in no need of being convinced. Either way, I hear you. I stayed away from the trend for quite sometime. It was only this last Summer that I purchased my first poncho. It was the perfect Summer bonfire on…

Choose Greatness

Choose Greatness | The Fresh Exchange

Greatness. There is a fun topic. I have been pondering the word the last few days and asking myself things such as: – What does greatness look like to me?  – What does it mean to be great at something? – Why do I see other’s greater than myself at times? Being a human I fight the constant comparison and approval struggle. I catch myself in a cycle feeling unsatisfied and lacking because of this….

A Weekend Trip: Florida

A Quick Trip: Florida | The Fresh Exchange

This last weekend we took a quick trip south to Florida to spend the weekend with my family. We gathered together (all 50 of us) to celebrate my grandparents. This year they are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and 80th birthdays and we all felt as if this was a moment to gather together and celebrate. It was extremely special to spend time celebrating my grandparents’ lives and marriage. It was just as great to have…

Styled: Spring with Hackwith Design House 2/2

Hackwith Design House Spring Collection | The Fresh Exchange

Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned I was attempting to try the crop top look? It is the hottest thing this as you see them everywhere right now. Wherever I look the crop is in and there is no denying it or ignoring it. I wasn’t super sure how to make this look work for me. Having a long torso means crop tops can look a little…well, too cropped sometimes, but when I…

Staying Sane on The Road

Staying Sane on The Road | The Fresh Exchange

Today we are driving back from a weekend with my family in Florida celebrating my grandparent’s 60th anniversary and 80th birthdays This came after only spending about five days at home all of which was filled with meetings and non-stop work in order to get the most out of our time in the studio. Our road stamina used to be much stronger than it is now. After taking nearly five months off from travel, I…

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