A Tour of Raleigh with Shinola

A Raleigh Tour with Shinola | The Fresh Exchange

This last month I had a chance to partner with one of my favorite brands, Shinola based out of Detroit. Obviously, being a Michigan girl, businesses that come out of Detroit have a deep connection to me. For generations my family has been rooted in Detroit and made it all to easy for me to fall in love with everything Shinola is doing in downtown Detroit. So, when they asked me to share some of the few things I…

A Few Found Things

A Few Found Things | The Fresh Exchange

We are traveling this week and I will be honest to say not traveling for a while and then beginning traveling again makes for a rocky first few steps. There used to be a good rhythm I would find on the road, but this time I feel like I am relearning how to have that muscle memory again. This month is full of travel and every month after will have us spending time in new…

A Little Update…

A Little Update | The Fresh Exchange

Life around these parts has been busy, fun, and full of deep breaths. In the last two months we have tried some new things in the studio, as you do in the new year. Most of these new things involve how we schedule and project manage branding projects, but we have been experimenting creatively as well. It is always a bit scary when you reset a process but it presents an opportunity to refine your process, find your…

Gap Styld.by – Couple Style Part 2

Couple Style with @Gap | The Fresh Exchange

A few weeks back we shared the first installment of our Couple Style Series for February with Gap and today we are sharing the second in the series. Gap asked us to share a look into our life as a creative couple working and living together and in the process styling a few of their Spring collection pieces for their Styld.by blog. In the first post we showed a little bit of our lifestyle. We went to the…


Currently  |  The Fresh Exchange

ORDERING: Black Optical I just ordered a pair of glasses since my annual eye exam came up and I became a little more far sited. Completely in love with their website and campaign. Absolutely gorgeous materials and art direction. TRENDING: Yellow for Spring It was hott at NYFW and then Jcrew’s Spring catalog came in my mailbox and I saw it everywhere. The looks for Spring involve the most intense use of a neon-like yellow…

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