For the Home: Smart Security Systems

For the Home: Security Systems | The Fresh Exchange

When we moved from the country to the city, it meant a lot of changes. It also meant for the first time we had to lock our doors and think about securing our home when we travel. However, when we began to look at what that might entail, there seemed to be a couple options. We asked around and some people recommended the alarm companies with scary tv commercials, others recommended security cameras, and others recommended…

Wild Measures: Helena Price

Wild Measures: Helena Price | The Fresh Exchange

Happy Monday! We are excited to share more Wild Measures on the blog. We have a passion for meeting creatives and entrepreneurs who are chasing their passion and purpose. We have featured a lot of amazing people, and we suggest making a point to reading them. Today, we are jumping back into the series with a good friend who continually inspires us, Helena Price. We met Helena on Mille Mitten last year and quickly struck…

Five Ways to Make it the Best 4th of July

The Best Fourth of July | The Fresh Exchange

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It is all about everything that makes summer so special. The day is spent enjoying meals with close friends and family, fireworks, adventures on the water, and just enjoying life in it’s fullest. It doesn’t involve buying anyone a gift or wearing anything fancier than your favorite bathing suit and red, white, and blue pieces. The Fourth of July is a holiday that has always been special to…

More than Ordinary: Speakers

More than Ordinary: Speakers | The Fresh Exchange

Beginning a new series today that will feature our finds of the ordinary necessities of life, but the most beautiful versions. We believe that even the most everyday items in our lives don’t need to be so ordinary. We have decided to begin finding and sharing the most beautiful and quality versions of everyday items. To begin, we are talking speakers. We have been trying to choose a speaker setup for our studio, which resulted…

Home Tour: Michael “Chet” Chetcuti and Kyle Evans

Home Tour: Chet and Kyle in Northport, Michigan | The Fresh Exchange

About four years ago, Mike and I met Michael “Chet” Chetcuti and his partner Kyle Evans for the first time. In the years since we have known them, they have hosted our Detroit Simple Evening at their Motor Loft in Detroit, we have branded multiple businesses together, and spent way to many late nights finishing bottles of wine together. These two, are two of the most brilliantly, stylish, caring, and genuine people you could have the…

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