Kitchen Light

Kitchen Light | The Fresh Exchange

There is something so lovely about great kitchen light. I mean great light bouncing around in any space is special, but in a kitchen I am not sure there is anything more special. Since redoing our own kitchen cabinets we have felt so much more inspiration to get into our space, cook, and curate the space to be more us. Sometimes when you purchase a home you feel as if in some way you are…

In Our Bags: The Hospital

In Our Bags: The Hospital with Baby | The Fresh Exchange

Being nearly to our due date it seems appropriate for us to have our bags packed and ready for whenever D-day arrives and our little guy decides he is ready for the world. Little projects such as this help with the waiting game and the guessing at every single change in my body these days. Knowing we are ready is extra reassuring as I personally want to be able to focus on the process of…

Monday Words: Teddy Roosevelt

Monday Words: Teddy Roosevelt Quote | The Fresh Exchange

Good ole’ Teddy. He doesn’t disappoint when it comes to clear cut wisdom does he? I love this quote though because it is such an important reminder of the importance of always sticking to being a real dreamer but never losing sight of reality enough to keep you grounded. Dreams are nothing without feet on the ground to take them somewhere. I have learned this the hard way by coming up with tons of ideas…

5 Ways to Have A Spring-like Weekend

Create a Spring-Like Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

This is the time of the winter where it gets a little rough, don’t you agree? In North Carolina we go through spurts of real cold and then nice warm days. It is like getting spurts of Spring but you never want to put away your jacket just yet. Though the birds believe even on chilly days it is Spring, we all know better. So to make your weekend a little brighter and less chilly…

The Journey to becoming a dad

Journey to Becoming a Dad | The Fresh Exchange

There aren’t many major life choices that give you an opt-in or opt-out. You don’t get to pick your birthday, your parents, or your age. You just have to go with life and enjoy the moment you are in. The one exception is becoming a parent. Sure, unplanned pregnancies happen, but for many of us there is a point in time when you either said, “I’m ready” or in my case, “I’m ready to stop…

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