Monday Words: The Hard Work

Monday Words: The Hard Work | The Fresh Exchange

Here’s the secret of landing the dream job, making the team, turning your dream into reality, etc…you have to put in the hard work. We tend to want things immediately or believe we deserve them perfectly packaged and pretty left at our doorstep, but I will tell you that nothing in this life handed to you that easily is great. Hard work is rewarding, but hard work that gets you to your dreams is the…

3 Tips for Making a Perfect Bouquet Everytime

3 Tips for a Perfect Bouquet Every Time | The Fresh Exchange

I can name on my hand the things that make a room complete and one of them is a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table or counter. I used to be so scared to conquer putting together a bouquet of flowers. At first, I would just go to the store and grab some tulips and not do much with them but place them in a vase and call it good. Still there are weeks…

What Caught Our Eyes This Week

Eye Catching Things | The Fresh Exchange

We have gathered up a few things that have recently caught our eyes and we just had to share with you this week. See what has visually got us all heart-eyes around here. These boots from Everlane are so gorgeous and the perfect summer to fall transition, not that we all want to think about summer leaving before it has even really shown up yet. Next week we have a larger post about where we…

Top 5 Mirrorless Cameras for Bloggers

The Top Mirrorless Cameras for Bloggers | The Fresh Exchange

Today we have gathered up the top 5 mirrorless cameras for bloggers. A couple years ago I posted the Camera Essentials for Bloggers, and opened up my camera bag to show you what I shoot with. Many of you commented that, while my cameras were amazing, they were just a bit out of your price range. So last fall Megan and I took a weekend trip to Charleston to test out Canon’s entry level T6i…

Summer Dreaming with Mollusk Surf Shop

Summer Dreaming with Mollusk | The Fresh Exchange

This time of year we start receiving tons of info about new collections that are coming out for summer. We love looking through the look books and enjoying the work various companies put into creating a lifestyle for their brand, but one of our favorites is always Mollusk Surf Shop based in San Francisco and Venice Beach, California. Let’s be honest, Mike and I are Californians at heart even though neither of us have lived…

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