Guest Room Update

Guest Room Updates | The Fresh Exchange

Over the past few months we have been spending every free moment making our new home feel like us. In the time since we first gave a tour and shared our home buying experience, we have gotten a couple structural updates and cosmetic updates completed. It has been a little bit of a crazy ride. As you could imagine, two designers making design decisions for a home can get pretty heated at times. You would think that our visions…

A Mountain Tree Hunt with Old Navy

A Mountain Tree Hunt with Old Navy  |  The Fresh Exchange   |  Images by Brett and Jessica Donar

Leaving Michigan and the snowy winters has meant a lot of change for me now that we live in North Carolina. The warm days are wonderful and I have no complaints about trading in my Sorel Caribou boots as my only shoe option 6 months out of the year, but I still miss the snow. Snow has always been the sign that the holidays have begun. Living in Michigan, my holidays were always surrounded by memories of…

Our Work: One Village Coffee

Wild Measure Work : One Village Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

We haven’t shared a lot of our work in the past, but looking into 2015 our goal is to open up about the process. Today, we are going to show you our latest brand build, One Village Coffee. They are based just outside Philadelphia and are literally one of the most ethically driven companies I have ever been around. They began nine years ago, and were one of the founding B-Corp companies (Along with Method,…

Lou and Grey: A Visit + a Cozy Outfit

Lou & Grey | The Fresh Exchange

Have you ever found a store that just got you? I remember when this happened with Madewell and then AYR, and then now Lou & Grey. I remember seeing their pieces surface on Pinterest last Christmas and begging Mike to let me at least pick up one piece. Now, with the launching of their gorgeous website, and now store fronts I have felt as if I have found my store soul-mate. Recently, Lou & Grey placed a…

Thoughts on Winter

In The Bleak Midwinter | The Fresh Exchange

The chill of the air. The stillness of the evening. The flickering of the lights on the tree as they dance off the shiniest of ornaments. The sound of an old favorite holiday record crackling from age and years of spreading cheer. The beauty of a warm meal on a cold night that is enjoyed by candle light. The smell of cinnamon. For that matter the smell of pine and balsam. The raised glasses to…

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