2015 Mille Mitten

2015 Mille Mitten | The Fresh Exchange

This is the second year we have joined the 1000 mile road rally around the state of Michigan called the Mille Mitten, put on by Ben Bator & Matt Ferrel with a ton of support from Christopher Burcham. If you didn’t see our day of posts from last year check them out, along with the feature in the Detroit Hour Magazine. The idea behind the Mille Mitten is loosely based on the Mille Miglia in Italy. However, the…

The Visual Scent in Collab with method

The Visual Scent in Collaboration with Method | The Fresh Exchange

We are always looking for a creative challenge in our day-to-day. We have been into color blocking for a while and loved the idea of using method’s newest innovation, the Nourishing Hand Wash that is currently for sale in Target stores, as an opportunity to flex our creativity in a new way. The three scents really have a botanical scent that is subtle but oddly visual. The soaps inspired us to play with the scents…

Paddle Boarding the Harbor

Paddle Boarding in Harbor Springs | The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I are the types that are always on the hunt for a new adventure. You know this about us. We aren’t very good at just being still, which we have learned to embrace. We also love to find activities that don’t involve a lot of clutter, noise, or anything too complicated. A few years back before leaving Michigan we got into paddleboarding. The lakes in Michigan are the perfect place to drop in…

For the Weekend

For the Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

There are currently ten days left in August. I hate saying that especially since that means we will shortly be leaving Michigan and heading south. Though it makes an endless feeling of summer, it is always sad to leave behind this beautiful shoreline. I have to say, though, this time away has been perfect, inspiring, and I am truly feeling refreshed. I feel lucky we could take this time for ourselves after a few years…

More than Ordinary: Drink Dispensers

Cool Drink Dispensers | The Fresh Exchange

For a while now we have been on the hunt for a drink dispenser. I am picky to say the least. There will always be something I don’t like about a dispenser. I want the spout to be metal or the top to screw on. Things like that. So I started hunting for one online. I thought I would share a few that caught my eye and ones I am eyeing pretty closely. Personally I…

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