Podcasts to Check Out this Weekend

Podcasts for your Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I are very into listening to┬ápodcasts. With all the car travel we did this summer we really got into listening to them on the road. The truth is there is only so much music you can listen to and only so much talking that can happen when driving for 2-3 days at a time, am I right?! We love using Stitcher as our source for finding podcasts and keeping up with our favorites….

London Calling

London Calling | The Fresh Exchange

Image via: Golden Years For nearly three years, Mike and I have tried to make it over to England. My family has deep roots in the area and still have family members in the London area. We decided that for our Five Year Anniversary and our Babymoon (kill two birds with one stone) we would head over for ten days for a visit. So six months ago we cashed in our air miles we have…

And It’s a….

And it's a... BOY! | The Fresh Exchange

When I was younger, I remember a watching my mom taking care of my brother and realizing one day I would become a mom as well. The concept frightened me, but even as a young kid I felt like one day I would also have a boy. In our first year of marriage, I vividly remember a dream where I was going to the job site of a home that we were building. In the…

The Calm Bathroom

Calm Bathroom | The Fresh Exchange

Image from TFE’s Home Tour with Rad and Kate MacCready There is nothing better than waking up and stepping into the bathroom in the morning for your daily shower and it being this light, bright, and calm space where each piece has been chosen with design in mind. That’s at least my dream. We have been working on making some minor updates to our master bathroom and I am thinking that this is a good…

Break the Rules with Pattern Play

Black and White Pattern Play for Fall with Target Style | The Fresh Exchange

What I love most about fall style is the layering. Summer is all about living in the least amount of clothing as possible, whereas fall is about how much I can layer to avoid wearing a coat. I love the challenge and the opportunity to layer favorite items into unique new looks. Since fall is the official beginning of plaid weather, we partnered with TargetStyle to share some ways to pattern play with plaid this…

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