Big Sur: Adventure Summit with Bota Box

Big Sur: Adventure Summit with Bota Box | The Fresh Exchange

At the beginning of this month, we went on the road trip we had been dreaming of for years. When Mike and I got married, we were planning to spend our honeymoon driving from Vancouver, Canada to Baja, Mexico. We wanted to drive the length of the west coast and see everything along the way. As many wedding plans go, we got tight on time and money, and instead opted for an all-inclusive experience in Jamaica. We…

My Essential Summer Beauty Products

My Essential Summer Beauty Items | The Fresh Exchange

Upon returning to Raleigh from Big Sur, it has been full-on summer weather. In Northern Michigan, at most, we only saw five months of “summer” weather. It has been quite an adjustment to find out what my skin wants and needs, here in Raleigh. Over the years, I have also slowly refined the list of products I can confirm are “as natural as possible” and that I love. Many of you have asked me for…

Our Studio – The Build

Building Our Studio | The Fresh Exchange

From the moment Megan and I decided to go down this wild journey of entrepreneurship, we have been dreaming of a space totally devoted to creating. For 5 years the dream of what could be, was only that, a dream. Until we bought our home this last fall. We talked a bit about our home buying process, but after almost a year of searching we had finally found the perfect home with the perfect studio space. For last…

Memorial Day Weekend + The Sales not to miss

Let Your Heart Wander | The Fresh Exchange

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, is the true beginning of summer. It is the first weekend of the year the whole country says, “hey, we are just letting loose this weekend.” It is the no-guilt if I don’t pick up my phone or an answer emails weekend, right? It is the first sign that summer and all of it’s beauty is underway. This is the weekend to let yourself bask in the sun without a worry (wear…

Cool Palette / Hot Days

Cool Palette / Hot Days | The Fresh Exchange

Not sure about you, but it has been hot in Raleigh this week. This isn’t a complaint. No way! It’s a statement that summer may be upon us. This means it’s time to usher in all things cool and calm. From breezy tops, cool to the touch fabrics, and pastel colors, these pieces are just the recipe for a chilled out May no matter the temperature. Happy Thursday friends! Find the items: Pastel Midi Dress from…

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