Create the Perfect Spring Picnic

Creating a Perfect Spring Picnic with L.L. Bean | The Fresh Exchange

You know that moment at the beginning of spring when you feel that first REAL warm day? I am talking about the kind of day that makes you really realize that spring has arrived. Sure, there are those days just prior that have you hopeful, but this is the one that let’s you know it is finally safe to let your winter coat go into storage and to bring out those new shoes you have…

Speaking: Creative Mornings RDU

Creative Mornings with The Fresh Exchange and Wild Measure | The Fresh Exchange

image via: Eric Ryan Anderson A couple years back, when we first started looking for places to move and make our home, one of our requirements came down to wanting to find a place with a growing creative community. For us that meant we had to have a Creative Mornings chapter in our home city. If you haven’t heard of Creative Mornings it is a breakfast lecture series for the for creative community that was started…

Home Inspiration: The Patio

Home Inspiration: The Perfect Patio | The Fresh Exchange

Image via: Gardenista via Matthew Millman We are about to venture into creating our “ideal” outdoor space. One of the reasons we loved our home when we bought it, was the number of things that weren’t done, such as the landscaping. This has left us room to make our mark on our new space. It has been fun to think about having the chance to shape something that will be so important to our life….

Wardrobe Workhorses for Spring with Target Style

Wardrobe Workhorses for Your Closet with Target Style | The Fresh Exchange

Over the years I have embraced my minimalist approach to my wardrobe. I have shared in the past about how I like to make wardrobe decisions easy. There is something about knowing that most of the pieces in my closet are things I love, feel comfortable in, and work in more than one way. In order to make your wardrobe easy to navigate it is important to keep pieces in your closet that are true workhorses. So when Target Style…

Just 5 Recipe: No-Knead Bread

Just 5: No Knead Bread with Dill | The Fresh Exchange

One of my goals this year was to begin making bread. The process of making bread is something that holds wonderful memories from my childhood. Every week my dad would spend hours making his own bread. It was quite a process. He would begin mixing a wet ingredient base of the bread on the stove and then once it cooled he would cover and knead it in flour. It would take nearly the entire day to create. It…

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