The Journey to Choosing Time-Off

The Journey to Choosing Time-Off | The Fresh exchange

A couple years ago, Mike and I watched this TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister about the Power of Time Off. In his talk, he explains the importance of intentionally taking time away from paid work to reinvest in your own creativity. For Sagmeister, this means for every seven years of studio work, he takes a year-long sabbatical to work on creative projects that reset him. He has cited this time off as being the reason he has…

Food Photography Basics

Food Photography Basics | The Fresh Exchange 5

I am going to give you one of the first photography lessons I give anyone who asks, “How do I make my photos better?” Which usually means, “How do I make my Instagram images better?” This really means, “How do I make the photos of the food I post on Instagram look better?” Which I am glad you asked… I studied design, photography, video, multimedia, and more in college; but I really learned how to…

Summer Bike Riding with Priority

Summer Bike Riding | The Fresh Exchange

We have been in Michigan for just over a week now and are beginning our trip with my parents in Manistee. The town is new to us, as my parents just were relocated here for work. Their downtown home is the perfect biking distance from the heart and soul of Manistee. The central downtown area has Manistee River smack dab in the middle. On certain days, you can head down and watch the giant freighters…

Beating the Heat

Beat the Heat | The Fresh Exchange

Image via: Jcrew It is heating up out there. We are about to enter the hottest month of the year and so I have rounded up a few great summery pieces to bring into your wardrobe that keep you comfy and cool even in the 100 degree + temperatures out there. If you can’t find a pool don’t you worry, these pieces will make you feel nearly as good, but I highly suggest finding a…

Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee

Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

Two weeks ago we shared how we prepare our coffee every morning. Mike brewed up some v60 coffee, which creates a clean, smooth, and great cup of coffee. Since we don’t drink a lot of coffee, we love having our cup be the best we can make, I mean why not? The one thing that always happens is there is a little bit leftover, especially if someone (most likely me) doesn’t enjoy her cup of…

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